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Cleaning, Teeth whitening

Discolouring of the teeth is a natural but not an irreversible process. The surface of the enamel easily encapsulates the traces of smoking besides multicoloured food and drinks. These days, a beautiful smile has become an expectation in various work environments. In addition, it increases the self confidence of people if they can smile confidently and their shining teeth give a neat and sophisticated look to their owner.


Professional medical teeth whitening (Beyond POLUS) for both jawbones, including dental hygiene € 320
Tooth whitening (chairside bleaching – Beyond POLUS) € 250
Tooth whitening (home version) € 200

Tooth whitening

Do your discolored teeth disturb your smiling? In case of certain teeth, tooth whitening might provide a suitable solution.
The base color of your teeth is a gift – you can have more yellowish, grayish or whiter teeth. Despite brushing your denture, it tends to be discolored over the years since more and more deposits accumulate in the enamel. Consumed foods and beverages also darkens the color of your teeth – especially coffee, tea, red wine, coke or the artificial coloring in ready-to-serve foods. It is also important to know that brightly colored natural foods such as carrot or beetroot also contribute to the process. One of the biggest enemies of white teeth is the cigarette because of the nicotine and tar which causes brown deposition. Additionally, certain drugs may discolor the teeth as well.
Tooth whitening is a safe procedure that enhances the color of the teeth with the help of a whitening material. The result of this treatment is dependent on the individual and the starting shade / color of the teeth.


What do you need to know about in-office professional teeth whitening?

  • It’s safe. A whole series of studies has demonstrated that the methods used today don’t harm our teeth and gums.
  • It’s painless. In the worst case scenario you feel yourself uncomfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair for so long but you won’t stay alone during the intervention.
  • It’s efficient. Your smile will be whiter immediately and the result can be seen at the end of the treatment.
  • It’s a long-term solution. If you are abstaining from the consumption of foods and beverages that strongly color your teeth, the effect of teeth whitening may last up to 1,5-2 years.
  • It’s more comfortable and more effective than whitening your teeth at home.
  • Dental health check is the integral part of in-office professional whitening as well as tartar removal – this way we also take care of the dental control and dental hygienic treatments.


Regarding homemade tricks

On the internet, you can find several magic / homemade tricks for tooth whitening. The most frequent of these is whitening by scrubbing your teeth with baking soda and lemon juice. Neither of them is recommended since the mechanical (baking soda) and the acidic (lemon) effects might cause irreversible damage to the enamel.

A damaged enamel leads straight to tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

Teeth whitening procedures that we do at our clinic and those that we suggest doing at home are perfectly safe and do not lead to any long-lasting damage – their efficiency is proven by clinical trials.


The two types of teeth whitening

Tooth whitening at the clinic

During in-office professional whitening, your teeth is bleached while sitting in the dentist’s chair. While protecting the gums and lips with dam gel, we place the whitening material on the surface of the teeth and illuminate them using a special lamp which activates the bleaching process. After about an hour of treatment, your teeth will be visibly whiter.
In-office professional whitening is highly recommended for our Patients who try to bring their best form in an upcoming major event with beautiful white teeth and confident smile.

The BEYOND POLUS LED teeth whitening lamp successfully combines halogen and LED technology – besides, it works with high intensity cold light.


Why is it good for you?

1. Because this technology catalyses the tooth whitening material and enhances the efficiency – thus, we can achieve 8 shades lighter teeth on average in only 30 minutes.

2. Because it’ equipped with the most advanced light filtering technology available on the market, thereby this treatment is completely free from UV and infrared light which damages teeth and mucosa.

3. Thus, there’s no morphological changes since neither the pulp, nor the tooth nerves suffer any damage!

4. The whitening liquid is water-based, so it doesn’t have any direct contact with your teeth and doesn’t damage the enamel.

5. Fluorides can be built inside the microscopic poles occurring at the place of the dissolved pigments – this procedure not only strengthens the enamel but also prolongs the whitening effect.

6. The equipment operates at a lower temperature than alternative whitening systems which boosts the patient’s comfort during the treatment and reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity!



1. The treatment is performed by a dentist.

2. The whole procedure takes no more than one hour.

3. It has a long-lasting effect.

4. The whitening material doesn’t enter your body, not even in the smallest amount.

5. Impression taking is not necessary.


Tooth whitening at home

When it comes to ‘home whitening’, our patients measure the whitening material for themselves inside a rail which has been made by a technician on the basis of a personalized dental impression. They have to wear the appliance for a couple of hours at night or during the day. In this case the whitening process is slower since visible result is usually achieved after two weeks.


Does tooth whitening have any possible side-effects?

In certain cases, temporary tooth sensitivity might occur which we always try to minimise. This transitional inconvenience doesn’t mean that your teeth get damaged in any way.

Do not hesitate to contact us, learn more about our tooth whitening possibilities and choose the one that best fits your demands!

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