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Gum treatments

by | May 22, 2017 |

Gum treatments

Gum can be considered as the defender of your teeth since it surrounds the teeth located in the jawbone while stabilizing and protecting them. Regular gum care is as important as teeth care. Red,inflamed and bleeding gums when brushing your teeth might presage gingivitis.
If gingivitis is left untreated, health condition may worsen and it might lead to periodontal problems which affects the entire area around the tooth. Untreated periodontal disease might also lead to tooth loss – thus, it is vital to avoid it.
In order to have your teeth and gums in perfect condition, we suggest you take part in regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene treatments (tartar removal).

In Hungary, periodontal disease is endemic and 78% of the population is affected to a certain extent.
Parodontology is a discipline dealing with the diseases of the supporting tissues around the tooth. In the last two decades it has developed so significantly that we can either stop or slow down bone resorption and periodontitis with our oral hygiene treatments.
During a dental oral examination and consultation, you can also make sure if you are involved in periodontal disorder.


Gum plastic surgeries (without using regenerative materials) FROM € 200
Curettage per jaw (closed) FROM € 200
Open curettage for 2 teeth (without using regenerative materials) € 240

Periodontal disorders

Whenever we find any indication of periodontal or gum problems during the general dental screening, we suggest that our patients have further complementary treatments.
A complementary treatment can be a regular check-up or a tartar removal, whereas in certain cases the treatment of the parodontium and the gums carried out by a periodontist. This way, you get the best care possible for your gums.
Periodontal and gum diseases often cause damage without any warning signs or symptoms.
This is the reason why it is of crucial importance to make a diagnosis and treat the problem as early as possible so that we can preserve the healthy condition of the gum and the bone tissue underneath.


If you recognize the following symptoms on yourself, it’s almost certain that you are affected by the disease:


  • Your teeth are loose and they are moving, leaning and ‘migrating’ from their place
  • While brushing your teeth, they are more sensitive at the junction of the crown and the gums
  • Your gum is inflamed and tight, sensitive to touch and has a vivid red color
  • When consuming hot or cold foods or beverages, your teeth are more sensitive at the tooth neck
  • Your gums are bleeding when brushing your teeth
  • Your gums are bleeding when you us dental floss or interdental brush
  • You have bad breath despite the fact that you regularly brush your teeth

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