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Laser dentistry

Dental Laser Therapy

Laser dentistry is the epitome of modern dental techniques, especially considering preventive dental treatments. Although dental laser increases the current treatment’s success in many cases while minimizing pain and reducing healing time, the technology is still not widespread in dental circles. It is estimated that only 5% of dentistries use dental laser devices.
Dental laser is considered to be a device that enhances the precision and efficiency of the dental treatment. We recommend laser treatments for our patients who are looking for a high level of safety and comfort.


Key application areas of dental laser

  • Endodontics / root canal treatments
  • Periodontics / treating periodontal diseases
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgical interventions
  • General dental application, reduction of inflammation, biostimulative effect


How does dental soft laser work?

Because of its special physical properties, soft laser beam creates biostimulative, wound healing and inflammatory effects in the living tissues. However, all the equipments which are not intended to work on hard tissues (bones) are translated as ‘soft’ in the Hungarian language.

By taking into account the following variety of application areas, we use ‘state-of-the-art’ SIROLaserBlue at our clinic. This is a compact device which allows the combined use of 3 diodes (red, infrared and blue).


One of the major advantages of soft laser treatment is that it highly enhances wound healing, results in rapid epithelisation and is completely painless – thus, it can be applied without anesthetics. It can be used as a complementary therapy when it comes to major oral surgeries or we can use it during implantations. Thanks to this modern technology, laser treatment is as easy to apply when it comes to poorly accessible and hidden areas. After major interventions, it reduces pain, swelling and nutritional difficulty associated symptoms to a minimum – as well as the possibility of further complications. As a beneficial effect of the treatment, it shortens healing time and enhances wound healing.


Which type of surgeries can be done with laser?

  • Labial frenectomy, tongue frenectomy
  • Flap surgery complemented by laser
  • Incision and abscess drainage
  • Treating leukoplakia with laser
  • Gum graft surgery, gingival excision (correction, gingivectomy)
  • Gingival / fibre tumor removal
  • Implant or hidden tooth liberation – the exploration can be done quickly and without bleeding
  • Treating inflammation around an implant or a wisdom tooth – sterilization


We recommend laser therapy especially for those who:

  • are diabetic since it reduces slow wound healing which is a side effect of diabetes.
  • are pregnant so that they can omit injections and protect their body from foreign substances.
  • for children and adults who don’t like or are afraid of injections / needles.
  • for all of our patients who want their place of dental procedure to heal as soon as possible while avoiding inflammation and pain.


Illustrative cases which represent the advantages of laser application:

From all the advantages of laser usage, these are the most important ones:

  • Minimized surgical pain
  • Shorter intervention time
  • Minimal bleeding, high surgical precision
  • Faster, nicer, scar-free healing
  • Surgery without stitches
  • Immediate sterilization of the wound
  • Medical aftercare is avoidable since laser directly reduces pain, swelling and inflammation in the surgical area. Thus, postoperative swelling and bruising reduce or don’t occur at all.
  • Surgery can be done with minimal tissue damage


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