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What is parodontology?

Parodontology provides solution for treating and preventing periodontal diseases. In the beginning, the disease is limited to the gums but should they not be treated in time, the illness may affect the whole support system of the teeth, including the bone structure.
In each case, it is extremely important that a periodontist care about the problem as soon as possible since the delayed treatment of a periodontal disease is an irreversible process.

What happens during a periodontal health check?

During the first consultation / health check, the periodontist measures from various angles the depth of the pockets which are evolved around the teeth. Both the level of gum recession and the movability of the tooth are inspected as well. The customized treatment plan is done on the basis of these.

How is gingivitis treated?

During plaque removal, the dentist cleans the patient’s teeth and gums then performs gingival curettage if necessary. In addition, the doctor treats the inflamed areas with a special anti-inflammatory gel. Our dentists and skilled dental hygienists help in the prevention of our patients’ dental problems with detailed brushing guidance.

How much time does it take for gingivitis to heal?

If gingivitis is treated in time, the symptoms usually pass away within ten days. In order to do so, it’s really important for the patients to participate in post-treatment health checks regularly so that their gums remain inflammation-free for a long time.

What’s the good of gum surgery?

Gum that’s recessed because of periodontal disease can be corrected during a minor surgical procedure. This way, both the sensitivity of the teeth and aesthetic problems involving gum recession may be terminated.

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