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Root canal treatment

In which cases may root canal treatment be a help? How is it done?

The aim of root canal treatment is to save the inflamed teeth and avoid tooth extraction.
This intervention is necessary when the pulp and the tooth roots are inflamed. In such cases, the tooth can’t be treated with a simple dental filling. In order to use the given tooth as long as possible, inflamed parts must be removed and root canals must be closed.
As the initiation of the treatment, we make a radiograph of the diseased tooth since this is the only way to thoroughly examine the condition of the chewing organ and its surroundings. The intervention starts after anaesthesia by cleaning the pulp chamber with which we open a path towards root canals.
In the following step of root canal treatment, we clean, disinfect and shape the tooth roots and finally, root fillings are put in place.
Owing to anaesthesia, the intervention is almost completely painless. Mechanical processing significantly reduces the treatment time – you don’t need to go back to the dentist for months since only two occasions might be enough for a successful treatment.

Why is mechanical root canal treatment good?

A long time ago, when there hasn’t been any modern dental equipment, root canal treatment was considered to be a painful and circuitous intervention. In addition, so many things could go wrong since this procedure requires a great deal of precision from the specialists.
Today, the determination of root length and the preparation of root canals are carried out mechanically. On one hand, this speeds up the process of the treatment and on the other hand,these modern devices carry out their duties with the utmost accuracy.
What difference does that make? This way, we significantly lower the risk of ‘overfilling’ meaning that the filling material is longer than the tooth root. Or the contrary, when the filling material doesn’t fill out the sculpted root canal and the nutritive ground for inflammation is ready.

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