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Tooth filling

What is aesthetic composite filling?


The aesthetic composite filling (white filling) is a completely metal-free, tooth-colored plastic material that contains glass particles. It is used for cosmetic interventions and for reconstructing decayed tooth.
The aesthetic filling substitutes the damaged part of the tooth the same way as ‘silver’ amalgam fillings which are rarely used these days. For aesthetic reasons, white composite fillings can be the perfect alternative of amalgam fillings.
The main benefit of white composite filling is the fact that it provides an outstanding visual aesthetic since it looks the same as your own (natural) teeth. A lot of people worry about silver amalgam fillings which contain mercury. The white filling is perfectly fit as an alternative of the amalgams both aesthetically and qualitatively.

I have several amalgam fillings. Should I worry about them?

A lot of people worry about their old amalgam fillings and the information regarding them on the internet are not always relevant and obvious.
A couple of years ago, a heated discussion took place on amalgam fillings – should you replace them with modern composite fillings? Can we still use this material in dentistry? Today, tempers have already calmed and we have the universal acceptance that those who still have amalgam fillings don’t need to worry since mercury dissolves in such a small quantity that it’s completely harmless.
The situation is different if somebody is allergic to mercury but it’s something that you don’t meet very often.
The majority of people want to get rid of these metallic,remarkably visible fillings because of aesthetic reasons since if you laugh heartily, the amalgam is clearly visible even in your back teeth.
So if you’re bothered by your amalgam fillings and you want to get aesthetic dental fillings that perfectly fits together with the color of your original teeth then make them replaced. Otherwise, you can live with them without any problem.

How long will aesthetic fillings last? Why is it worthwhile to have them checked regularly?

The lifespan of composite fillings is usually between 7 and 10 years. This period may vary depending on what kind of materials did the dentist use during the production of the filling and how thorough the specialist was when he/she inserted the filling.
Appropriate oral care also influences the filling’s lifetime – namely if we don’t neglect caring about our teeth and we clean them properly, aesthetic fillings will last much much longer.
From time to time, it’s also important to check your fillings if they have secondary decay which can be seen below or along them. If the edge of the filling doesn’t have a precise closure, bacteria may get through and make your tooth decayed again.

When is it appropriate to choose inlays / onlays instead of dental fillings? Why are inlays better?

Besides dental fillings, inlays and onlays mean other alternatives of tooth decay treatments.
Inlays and onlays are recommended when the missing part of the tooth is so big that a simple aesthetic filling wouldn’t be enough to solve the problem. They are made by the dental technician and they are glued in the hole that the dentist drilled previously.
When it comes to more extensive cavities, inlays and onlays are better because they can be fixed more securely and there’s a smaller chance of having secondary decays thanks to their better closure.

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