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Why Budapest

Hungary is the dental capital of Europe


Dental tourism bacame widespread in Hungary because the price tag of dental treatments showed a significant lower figure than in most Western-European countries. The price difference in an average dental treatment is so significant that it is worth choosing the service in Hungary even if we add the additional costs, like flight tickets and accomodation to them. Now travelling abroad for dental treatment is a highly accepted way of saving money on professional dental care. Hungary is considered the dental capital of Europe, and ranks in the top also in the world. The Hungarian dentists enjoy very good reputation abroad. Most of them are highly qualified and speak fluent English. The Hungarian medical universities are among the best worldwide.

Budapest has sparkling and colorful culture and an interesting history, so the city offers a great variety of opportunities to discover not to mention the culinary arts.

Thanks to the easily accessible low-cost-airlines and the short flight time from all over Europe, it has become a very sensible option to have your dental treatment in Budapest. Most patients would like to replace their missing teeth with dental implants, of get a complete smile-makeover.If you can save thousands of euros for the same dental intervention, it seems to be obvious that you should contact DENTOP Clinic for getting the procedure done rather in Budapest than at home in Western Europe or any other parts of the world.

Technological background and the motivating factors of this decision

Besides the affordable prices of the dental service, there are many other factors why you should come to Hungary and experience the established remarkable reputation all over Europe and the world. The high level of expertise and most modern advanced technology and the usage of the best available materials, the precision work delivered and its speed are the most commonly mentioned as positive motivators for travelling. We know that this is a highly competitive market segment, therefore we constantly aim to get all the new developments on the market in order to be able to deliver the best therapies for our clients.


How does this process look like through the perspective of dental tourists?

If you as a potential dental tourist are considering travelling abroad for treatment first you have to contact a clinic, and send them a panoramic xray, some mouth-photos in order that the dentists can assess their condition and prepare the most accurate treatment plan for you.

Please note that providing us your xray, or even dental CT (if you will need bone augmentation and/or implant therapy) is essential but these digital imagery tools cannot replace a personal consultation at our clinic.

After you received your personal quotation you can contact the clinic to discuss it further, we will answer all your questions you might have. If you accept the givel treatment plan every detail of your travel and treatment can be finalized. You can choose also from several free-time-program-opportunities how to spend your time between your treatment sessions.

You can have a deeper insight about the current cultural events taking place in the city, but we can help you finding the best cafes and restaurants. We offer you the must-visit tourist destinations you should not miss at any circumstances.


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  • 57 Bartók Béla road, H-1114 Budapest, 1st floor 5.
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