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Removable denture – prosthesis

Like it is with many things in life, we don’t appreciate the importance of things until we lose them. You certainly understand this if you lost your teeth in an accident or due to tooth decay / gum disease. The good news is that there’s a solution to replace your missing teeth. The removable denture helps to restore the order in all areas of your life (eating, speech) and it gives you back your healthy self-confidence while improving your appearance and smile.

Full arch denture / jaw € 500
Denture with metal base / jaw € 500

Types of dentures

There are two types of removable dentures: removable partial denture and removable complete denture. As its name suggests, the complete denture is used when there’s no natural teeth left in the dental arch.

Partial denture is made when there’s a single or several healthy teeth left in the patient’s mouth. We also distinguish dentures which are placed on the upper or lower dental arch.

With the removable prosthesis, you can get back your confident smile and you can get rid of your problems with eating and speaking as well.

Are your teeth missing? We’ll help you with partial or removable dentures!

Removable denture:

 If all the teeth is missing, we are making full dental plates. These kind of dentures not only substitute the teeth but also complete the missing parts of the atrophied jawbone. When it comes to the upper jawbone, the denture entirely covers the palate.

As far as the mandible (lower jawbone) is concerned, the dental plate entirely covers the toothless lower ridge as well. Besides, it provides support for the lips, smoothes away hollow cheeks and deep wrinkles caused by total toothlessness. Unfortunately, – owing to this large expansion – it takes more time and patience for the patients to get used to full dental plates since they need to learn to chew and to articulate again.

Removable partial dentures:

If there are remaining teeth in the mouth, we can make a partial dental plate. Here, teeth play an active role in fitting. This is the cheapest and most simple type of removable dentures.  Telescopic denture is a prosthesis leaning on the existing teeth and on the oral mucosa.

Combined dentures constitute a separate group. In this case, the prosthesis consists of a fix part which is glued to the permanent teeth and of a removable part that replaces the missing teeth. Various precision elements ensure the closest possible fixation between the two parts.


The production of each type of removable dentures require several meetings:

  • As the first step, the dentist takes imprints of the lower and upper dental arches then performs the necessary measurements.
  • We choose the colour and the shape of the teeth together with our patients.
  • After this, the dental laboratory prepares the removable prosthesis on the basis of these.
  • When the removable denture is tried on first, the dentist examines the fit, the shape and the color.
  • If the patient and the doctor is satisfied with the result, the dental technician prepares the final prosthesis which can be subsequently corrected at any time.
  • Additionally, we put great emphasis on the education of the proper cleaning of dentures so that the prosthesis can function appropriately for a very long time.

Possible complications

Although every effort is being made to prepare a good and functional prosthesis, please note that there is no perfect dental restoration. It might take a little time for you and a few alignments might also be necessary so that you and your prosthesis adapt to each other once the denture is transferred. The most important thing is to remember that you need to get used to the new prosthesis which is a longer process – in certain cases, it may require a longer period of time. The new denture might change your previous speech and eating habits, so you may need to practice a bit before you start to wear it confidently in everyday life. Keeping the lower denture in place might be more difficult compared to the upper prosthesis due to the shape of the jawbone and the strong facial muscle movement. However, dental adhesive pastes provide a solution to this problem as well.

Believe us: there’s nothing to be embarrassed about having a well made, customized prosthesis! Dare to smile and proudly wear your dentures!

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